Environmental Seminar of Miss Multinational was arranged in 22nd of February, 2018, at Kaushalya World School, Greater Noida, India. The seminar was organised in association with Environment Online, Act Now India (Global Virtual Schools or Environmental Awareness and Sustainable Development), and Envirate.

Miss Multinational contestants getting ready for environmental seminar

At the seminar, all the Miss Multinational contestants were introduced to Envirate. Besides becoming Miss Multinational 2018, they were introduced to win the “Miss Environment 2018” title by rating their environment according to their three main senses – look, hear, breathe – in all places where they go on 22-26 February. The contestant who gets the most ratings with Envirate wins the Miss Environment 2018 title.

The idea behind the competition was also to give people’s support to their favourite contestant and at the same time improve environmental awareness.

German Miss Multinational 2018 candidate Saskia Kuban receiving Envirate certificate after attending the environmental seminar

The supporters of the contestants in their own country were able to help their favourite contestant by rating their own countries on her behalf. While, the contestants experienced the huge support of their own countries, and we at Envirate, learned much more about the state of the environment in many countries around the world!

The Miss Multinational contestants all over the world!

Within the environmental contest, 516 ratings of the environment were done in 20 different countries. The top four countries were: Philippines, India, Japan, Bangladesh.

The winner of Miss Multinational 2018 and the winner of Miss Environment title – Congratulations Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron!

The winner of the rating competition managed to gain the most amount of ratings in Envirate between 22–26 February. And the winner of the Miss Environment 2018 title in Miss Multinational pageant was Miss Philippines Sophia Senoron!

Congratulations to her and warmest gratitude to all the contestants – and to all enviraters in every country around the world! A big thank you to all who helped make this possible, and please remember still: help rate the environment with your smartphone wherever you go!