Envirate was introduced to ENO for the first time last year when Envirate launched its award-winning mobile application at ENO’s international Act Now conference on June 15th 2017 in Joensuu. The global ENO network has planted over 20 million trees and has established a network of over 10 000 schools in 150 countries. The ENO network has excellent know-how and experience in tree planting activities.

“We, at both Envirate and ENO, believe that tree-planting is one fundamental key to a better planet,” says Pekka Harju-Autti, the founder and CEO of Envirate. He assures: “It is envisaged that the ENO network will have a key role in planning and delivering our large tree planting projects. To enable our mutual vision for a more sustainable planet, we will deepen our relationship in the near future”.

Envirate allows anyone with a mobile phone to give ratings on the environment around them wherever they are in the world. ”Envirate is the perfect tool for us and our global network. We will use Envirate in our ENO activities and we will challenge our Green Cities around the world to join this huge environmental movement and rate our network’s cities”, says Mika Vanhanen, founder of ENO. To kick off the new co-operation, Envirate and ENO will publish a joint competition for their extended networks tomorrow.

The global “City Challenge” competition begins at 9am on Tuesday June 22nd 2018. The competition will encourage people to rate their surroundings using the Envirate app via the three main Envirate senses: Look, Hear, Breathe. Follow the Envirate and ENO Facebook pages to get further information when competition starts! You will be among the first to receive instructions on how to win the newest mobile phones while doing good for the planet Earth. Sign up today!

About ENO:

Environment Online – ENO is a global network of schools and communities for sustainable development. Since its launch in 2000, over 10 000 schools in 157 countries have joined ENO and done concrete deeds for the environment like planted trees. Two annual tree planting days in ENO take place on UN Days: for biodiversity 22nd of May and for peace 21st of September. In Rio+20 Sustainable Development Summit, 2012, ENO made a strong commitment to planting 100 million trees by 2017. This voluntary network also covers ENO Green Cities, currently 54 cities or municipalities in 23 countries.

Mika Vanhanen, Founder
Email: mika.vanhanen@enoprogramme.org

About Envirate:

Envirate is an award-winning mobile application for assessing the state of the environment wherever you go. The application enables people to evaluate their surrounding environment in the same way as, for example, hotels are evaluated by customers. Envirate is already operational in every country worldwide.

Contact: Pekka Harju-Autti, Founder & CEO
Email: pekka@envirate.net