The global Envirate’s and ENO’s City Rating Challenge was held between May 22 – June 15 in 2018. Altogether, 32 715 ratings were made in 34 different countries by 153 different people! Take a peek who were the winners of this competition and read more about people’s experiences and results around the world.

The global City Rating Challenge made people open their senses and explore the city in a new way. Besides a number of ratings,  the challenge made people focus on what they see and hear around them, and how’s the quality of the air. It also made them consider what’s their favourite place in the city, or if there are places that need to be taken better care of.

Here’s some feedback we’ve received from our City Rating Challenge Facebook event page about how people experienced the competition:

“It was a real learning and fun combined together participating in Envirate City Rating Challenge.
Great effort to save Environment.” –Neeta Chhabra, India

“It was a great experience to rate the environment. Actually speaking while rating, I personally felt awakened by so many facts related to change in the climate. It has sensitized our mind to take better care of it.” –Rashmi Kathuria, India

The Winners of City Rating Challenge

Now it’s time to reveal the scorecard of the competition – we reward 5 people with the most ratings with the newest Nokia 7 mobile phones. And the winners are…

  1. Hwaaw, Finland (7356)
  2. paavani, India (5014)
  3. enoindia , India (4550)
  4. Ezzat, Egypt  (4290)
  5. rkaronnie, Taiwan (3510)
  6. Tiffany, Taiwan (333)
  7. RK, India (325)
  8. Sanna , Finland (272)
  9. Vaibhav_Gupta, India (247)

1. “Hwaaw” alias Jesse Engman from Turku, Finland (7356)

Jesse claimed his number one spot by rating amazingly 7356 places, and his dedication was awarded again since he was the winner of the last year’s City Challenge.

2. Paavani Goel, India (5014 )

“City Rating Challenge was a great competition and I enjoyed rating our environment. The challenge has made people realise that the environment is ours to keep… Or we will be left with its worst version to weep! I will continue to Envirate to help our environment, and I think we all should. It is really a great activity because it wants you to see and think before you rate.”

3. Rajiv K Shrivastava (enoindia 4550)

“As arduous as it is, it is a great experience Envirating our environment. As we go along rating, slowly we realize that we are not just rating our environment but we are building images in our minds as to what we want to see all around us: greenery, cleanliness, and peace, not filth, just concrete and noise!”

4. Ezzat Hassan, Cairo, Egypt (Ezzat 4290)

“City rating challenge; What an exciting experience we had. It was so exciting to walk and rate places around you according to your senses.”

5. Ronnie Antony, Taichung, Taiwan (rkaronnie 3510)

“I am using the Envirate app for the last one year and I am so happy to see how it evolving. It’s a great app to rate your neighbourhood and it’s great sharing platform so that others can easily figure out which part of a city is greener to visit. It also gives the city planners to look for the solution where the rating is low. Participating in the city challenge was very exciting and made me visit different parts of my city I never been. The city challenge also helped me do more walking too. I lost one kilo :)”

People rated around the world

We were so pleased to see people participate in the City Challenge all around the world! To sum up the results of the ratings in the competition:

  • Altogether 32 715 ratings were made
  • By 153 people
  • in 145 cities from 34 countries

Countries with the most ratings:

  • Finland (13 306)
  • India (10 783)
  • Egypt (3905)
  • Taiwan (3882)

Ratings from other countries: Sweden (395), Belarus (249), Ukraine (35), Albania (28), Great-Britain (27) and Argentina (22). Also few ratings (ten or less) were made in Turkey, Peru, Slovenia, Israel, Italy, Pakistan, Romania, Bangladesh, Norway, Republic of North Macedonia and Georgia.

Enviraters with top ratings

Tiffany (Fuhua Yu), Taichung, Taiwan

Rashmi Kathuria, Delhi, India

“It was a great experience to rate the environment. Actually speaking while rating, I personally felt awakened by so many facts related to change in the climate. It has sensitized our mind to take better care of it.”

Vaibhav Gupta, Delhi, India

Sanna Parkkinen, Liperi, Finland

“It was a very nice experience to rate my environment. This Envirate made me look around differently than before. I’m a teacher and I think that Envirate would be perfect for school. It could be used in different lessons (for example science, PE).”