Treebuddy.Earth – the ultimate tree planting and long term care service

We need more trees in the world because of climate change, biodiversity and many other reasons. Planting a tree is only the first step. You must take care of tree, otherwise it will die. How can we verify that trees are planted and taken care of? Envirate has created a solution, called Treebuddy. We organise this in co-operation with local communities around the world.

Treebuddy.Earth is an easy and inspiring way to do good for the planet. People and businesses can engage in treeplantings globally more transparently than ever. Planting each tree is documented with a photo and exact location on the map. After the first year, new photo will be taken by the locals, showing the growth of the Treebuddy. And new photos again after 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 years etc.  Local communities will benefit from tree care and get funds to develop their activities. They see that the trees are really valuable for their future! 

This ultimate verifiability and transparency of tree planting and care gives full TRUST to treeplanting organizations. Customers will hear stories of the local communities and receive photos of trees with exact location on the map. Treebuddies are also magnificient immaterial gifts for companies, as part of their loyalty programs.

First Treebuddies have been planted in Tibet, India and The Philippines. Welcome to see more and get your own Treebuddy at