Today, on international day of peace, schools plant trees all over the world while rating their environment. The first trees were planted exactly fourteen years ago and the tradition has continued unbroken. As the sun rose, the first trees were planted in Asia and the last trees for today will be planted on the island of Hawaii. Almost 30 million trees have been planted in 157 countries.

The tradition was started by the ENO internet school for Sustainable Development in Finland at the beginning of the millennium. This time, the planting event has been renewed, as is the registration of trees planted by the schools. The trees are registered online with the Envirate mobile application. At the same time also a rating for the environment is stored.

An extension to the Envirate application has been developed for the ENO virtual school. This extension allows teachers and pupils to save the tree plantations made by the school. “We are delighted about the ongoing cooperation that continues and develops. In addition to the tree database schools provide important information about the state of the environment through Envirate. The starting date of the cooperation is apt because we bring a message of peace across the globe like Envirate: Making peace with Mother Earth” says ENO’s founder and executive director Mika Vanhanen.